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Knowledge Management Bootcamp® teaches professionals how to become a recognized problem-solver using human-centric knowledge management practices.

Here’s what’s included in Knowledge Management Bootcamp®!


10 Course Modules (Videos & PDFs) ($997 value)

Using these 10 course modules, I will walk you from defining knowledge management in your own words through using tools, templates, and methods to support knowledge management, to discussing your next steps to take in your organization.



1. Let’s Dive Right In!
It’s important to realize that KM is a practice used but spoken about in hushed tones in many organizations because not everyone believes in the power of human-centric knowledge management (KM).
2. What is Knowledge Management or KM?
Here’s where we will begin to create your personal definition of knowledge management. While there are over 100 definitions for what knowledge management is, it’s important to know how to speak confidently about KM in your own words to be effective.
3. Basic Definitions Used with Knowledge Management
Words matter and every industry has its own set of basic, essential, accepted, or slang word use and definitions that are part of their knowledge management practices. In this module, we’ll talk about a lot of them so you not only have them in your back pocket as a quick reference but so that you use them professionally as well!
4. Let’s Begin at the Beginning
What can be scarier professionally than starting a new position? I’ll talk to you here about how you can integrate KM into your daily activities and why it is critical to your professional growth. In this module, you’ll get a head start on working in a KM position or upskilling your use of KM to get you that promotion!
5. What Value Does a Knowledge Management Program Provide?
A knowledge management program is often looked at as nice-to-have rather than a need-to-have. We’ll talk about the value of having an organizationally supported KM program that supports the people as well as the business and how you can package the idea of a KM program to your C-suite.
6. Integrating a KM Mindset
We know integrating a program is one thing but getting an organization to support it as a daily effort requires integration into business processes and the organizational belief system that this is good for business. We’ll talk about a KM mindset and how you can get others to believe it in without having to make a sales pitch to convince everyone that’s it’s the right thing to do for the employees, the customers, and the business.
7. KM and IM: Complementary Practices
Many times, knowledge management (KM) and information management (IM) are used as if they meant the same things. While this is understandable to where these terms are in the data-information-knowledge-wisdom (DIKW) hierarchy or pyramid, these are not the same, but they do complement each other.
8. Tools and Templates Used to Support KM

There are no truly knowledge management tools and templates, but many tools and templates can be used to support the practice of knowledge management. These tools and templates can be found and are used in just about any organization today!

9. Methods Used in KM
When you create a new method of doing something, you will have to sell that method. Unless it’s particularly innovative, you may want to use a method that has proven solid for your organization that you can tailor for your use with KM. In this module, we will look at other areas of the business that use proven practices which you can replicate and/or tailor for KM.
10. Next Steps
Now that you’ve gotten through the first nine modules and learned what makes the practice of knowledge management beneficial for professionals and their organizations, what’s next? How do you put all of this knowledge into action with the wisdom you have gained? This module will help you to create a clear path ahead for that promotion!


Exclusive Workbook ($197 value)

This 58-page workbook will help you to put what you’ve learned to use today. This workbook was created to support your growth through real-world tasks. You will not find this workbook anywhere else!

Expertise Straight To You

6 Interviews You Won’t Want to Miss! ($750 value)

These interviews with Aprill Allen, Dr. Julee Hafner, Dr. Mike Prevou, Samantha Fowlds, Jim Lee, and Patricia Eng will share their expertise, lessons learned, and wisdom gained through years of working in the practice of knowledge management from academia to military to industry.

2024 Knowledge Management Social Media Calendar

Calendar with two huge bonuses ($27 value)

This calendar gives you daily prompts for each of the 366 days of 2024 as well as 150 Viral Video and Caption Hooks and 93 Calls to Action and Caption Hooks!


If you thought you can’t learn knowledge management, know you can!


You will learn how to find, use, share, and transfer knowledge to support organizational requirements and strategic goals.


You will understand when and how to use tools, templates, and methods to support knowledge management efforts as part of your organizational problem-solving strategy.


Having to use your valuable personal time off (PTO) or pay thousands to learn from Knowledge Management Bootcamp™!

How Else Will Knowledge Management Bootcamp® Help You?


Your Thoughts Will Be More Organized And So Will Your Ability To Simply Get Stuff Done Whether Individually Or As Part Of A Team!

By understanding different mapping processes, in addition to using the available tools, processes, and procedures that your organization already uses, you will be able to put together tacit (experiential) and explicit (written) knowledge to paint a readily understandable picture for anyone to use.

You Will Be Able To Easily Solve Problems That Others Struggle With Because You Will See How Each Part Interacts With The Other.

By learning or upskilling knowledge management practices, you will also see multiple ways to attack and solve problems that the organization needs solving.

You Will Be Able To Work With Any Part Of Your Organization Without Seeing Individual Areas, But A Single Organization Is Supported Differently By Knowledge Areas.

With the skills you will learn, you will be able to work anywhere in your organization because you will understand how knowledge management practices affect each part of the organization


BONUS #1 ($27 value)

5-Day Knowledge Management Challenge

BONUS #2 ($47 value)

The Ultimate Weekly Knowledge Management Planner

BONUS #3 ($27 value)

10 Knowledge Management-Specific Performance Evaluation Inputs


Knowledge Management Bootcamp®



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The sooner you sign up for Knowledge Management Bootcamp®, the sooner you can see results and be seen as someone ready for that promotion! Are you wondering if it’s your time? Well, it definitely is! If you can dream it, you can make it a reality!

There are other programs you could take, but they require you to take time off of work to take them and have homework to turn in or dedicated classroom hours. You are able to do this on your own time at your own pace so don’t deny yourself this opportunity.


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Providing Virtual Knowledge Management Fundamentals Training


Once you place your order and pay for the course, you will receive an email confirmation with directions on how to access your course materials. Course modules will be released, two at a time, beginning the Monday of each week for five weeks.

You’ll be able to access your three bonuses at the same time you access your course materials.
Content is delivered via videos in MP4 format with downloadable and printable lectures and additional material provided in PDF format. You will be able to watch the videos and read the material on your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices.
The workbook is already loaded into the course material as a downloadable and printable PDF. Once you get access to the course, it is available for you to use – immediately.
No. You will be able to use software that is normally part of the basics of your organization or personal computer for word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations and reading PDFs.
No. Everything you need to be successful in this course will be provided.
No, but it is something I am hoping to be able to add to this course in the future.
Yes! Within 14 days of Day 1 of the course, if you decide Knowledge Management Bootcamp® isn’t right for you, contact me with the required feedback per the Terms and Conditions. Once you do this, I will issue you a full refund.


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