Are you looking for a speaker to motivate your team to share knowledge or transfer knowledge between projects while the projects are being worked? Do you have other speaking interests regarding knowledge management in your organization? CJ Young Consulting can discuss how to meet your speaking needs.

  • Organizational Lessons Learned from a 23-Year Career in the Military
  • Benefits of Knowledge Management to Your Organizational Culture
  • Empowering Your Employees with Knowledge Management
  • Factoring Tacit Knowledge into Your Organization
  • Knowledge Management and Innovation on Firm Performance
  • Conversations with Your Customers to Improve Your Organizational Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management in Support of Business Capture
  • Incorporating Knowledge Sharing into the Organizational Change Message
  • Knowledge Management to Strengthen Organizational Leadership

CJ Young Consulting can also customize your organization’s speaking needs based on topics not listed above. Contact CJ Young Consulting to discuss speaking options.